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Why Choose Us?

We believe in promoting a lifetime of health and body movement, which builds strength, flexibility and balance and increases overall well-being and quality of life.

We think it is vital in healing to continue medical health through movement and exercise after your physical and occupational therapy practice

Because of our medical rehabilitation foundation through Dynamic Physical Therapy (both physical and occupational therapy), we have the added element of medical knowledge/expertise which makes us distinct from traditional yoga instruction and massage therapy.


A medically focused massage therapy providing corrective, rehabilitative, and restorative benefits to the soft tissue, particularly for recovering injuries.


Yoga Therapy is a combination of different yoga practices designed for overall stress reduction and muscle strength and rehabilitation.


Increase your blood oxygen level to temporarily restore normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection.


Restore Your Core ™  is a method to retrain your core and pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive and supportive to your body.

Nourish & Recharge

Balance Your Body

Our mission at Renew Health Center is to provide the highest quality Spa and fitness services in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We strive to provide treatments to clients for the purpose of helping to reduce pain, improve body flexibility and to recharge the soul. Our Massages help to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore function. Our Yoga classes are to re balance the mind and body while helping with fitness goals. We emphasize a personal clinician-client relationship and take our time to help each per individually. 


What They Say

“I have never felt my body more relaxed and free from tension and pain, like I did after my massage with Jennifer! I have had many massages before, but none quite as helpful as this one!”